Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Episode 151:Bertone’s San Diego Comic Con Interviews

September 26, 2011

Crawlspace Reporter Josh Bertone interviewed a lot of folks at the San Diego Comic Con in 2010 and 2011. Here is a hodge podge of those interviews. *Greg Weisman who was the producer of the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. In the interview he talks about his awesome back up story with Flash Thompson. * Sara Ballantine who was the voice of Mary Jane in the 1990?s Spider-Man cartoon. *Jennifer Hale she was the voice of the Black Cat in the 1990?s Spider-Man cartoon. She also played Silver Sable in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game. As if that was not enough she played Spider-Woman in the 1990s Iron Man cartoon. *Erik Larsen had the daunting task of replacing Todd McFarlane on pencils in the 1990s, but his Amazing Spider-Man knocked it out of the park. *Eddie DeAngelini is a regular on the Crawlspace but he also is a Spider-Expert who is working on a Stan Lee documentary. The name of the project is called With Great Power the Stan Lee story.

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