Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Episode 228:Superior #8 and #9 Reviews

May 14, 2013

Highlights of this episode include: *Reviews of Superior Spider-Man # 8 and #9 * Chris does a great impression of the little Penquin girl * Why does Spider-Man need to wear scrubs and a hair net if he's wearing a costume in the operating room? * A lively debate about Spider-Man's possibly choosing his life over a little girls. *Frustration over the world not reacting to Spider-Man killing a villain. *Slott and his use of continuity porn. *This story line has two part twos. *Continuity problems in Avenging Spider-Man where Ock hates kids, in Superior he loves them. *What happens when the "Dumb Avengers" show up to give scientific tests?

*We give pros and cons and grades of the panel.

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