Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Episode 300:Spider-Friends Reunion: Dan Gilvezan and Kathy Garver Interview

May 6, 2014

We celebrate our 300th episode with a reunion 30 years in the making. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends is a classic from the 1980s. Host Brad Douglas had a chance to interview Dan Gilvezan who voiced Spider-Man and Kathy Garver who voiced Firestar. Highlights of the interview include: *When the two first discovered Spider-Man *Dan shares a story about winning the role, loosing it, and getting it back *Kathy talks about helping create a character on a cartoon that lives in the comics 30 years later. *Thoughts on a reunion *Ms. Lion meets a Pound Puppy? *Thoughts on the Spider-Man movies. *Favorite episodes and lines they read from the show. *Why they think the series is still popular 30 years later.

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