Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Episode 306:Spider-News, Dress as Spidey at Work, ASM #1 Damages,McDonalds Spider Toys

June 14, 2014

Here are the topics we cover in Spider-News *Petition for Directors cut of ASM2 blu ray *Voice of 1990's Doc Ock from the Spider-Man cartoon dies. *Retailers getting a lot of damaged copies of Amazing Spider-Man # 1 *McDonalds is doing a first with Spider-Man toys. They're releasing both boy and girl Spider-Man toys. *Comixology has been purchased by Amazon and the changes that are coming with it. *Spider-Man 100th anniversary issue *Explosions of Amazing Spider-Man #1 variants and the rarest one of all. *May had a "Dress as Spider-Man At Work" Day. *Andrew Garfield got in a bit of trouble talking about Spidey's costume and was accused of being sexist. *The Mego Spider-Man is making a return.

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