Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Podcast # 431 Spider-News , Renew Ongoing, 30th Wedding Anniversary, Homecoming Update

August 7, 2016

The Spider-Panel tackles Spider-News in this episode. The topics include: *Several new Spider-Titles coming up including a Renew Your Vows Ongoing by Gerry Conway, A Prowler series, Miles in the Champions book, new Venom host with Felicia? *Discussion on new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie pictures and what the name "homecoming" is referring to. *It's the 30th anniversary of the Spider-Man marriage, sort of *Elizabeth Banks was too old to play Tobey Maguires love interest in Spider-Man 1? *Four year old catches large fish with a Spidey pole *Spider-Mom dresses up to raise money for her sick child *Spider-streaker!!! *Mexican college professor dresses up as Spidey to teach class

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