Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Podcast # 444-Gerry Conway Interview

November 17, 2016

We welcome writer Gerry Conway to the podcast. Conway is currently writing the Carnage and Renew Your Vows books for Marvel. This is his third time getting a crack at writing the webhead after a long absense and it's a welcome return. During the interview we discuss. *Why killing Gwen Stacy was the best thing to happen to the character *How Mary Jane was a much better love interest for Peter Parker. *Why Stan Lee possibly wrote Gwen as the main love interest *Why he wanted to kill Norman and set up Harry as the main goblin *His time working with Steve Ditko on a Spider-Man annual in the 1980s. *His time working with JR from our podcast on the book Webslinger, *The differences in working in comics in the 70's and today. *We also answer your dozens of questions from our message board. *Discussion on the differences on working with John Romita, Gil Kane and Ross Andru *Discussion on the new ongoing Renew Your Vows.

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