Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Podcast # 503-PS4 Game, Woody as Carnage, Duel Numbering, Stan Lee Health, JLO Spider-Man PushUps

April 21, 2018

Here are the Spider-News topics we tackle in this episode.

*Discussion about the release date of the PS4 Spider-Man game. *Woody Harelson is rumored to play Carnage in the new Venom movie. *Marvel Comics will have duel numbering again. *Discussion on Stan Lee's health *JR does an epic Spider-Man push up that Jennifer Lopez says firms things up. ( You have to watch the youtube clip. It cracks everyone up! it comes in around the 1hour and 11 min mark of the video) *Creepy farmers market Spider-Man *Spidey is going back in black? *Matt Damon passes on a villain role in upcoming Spider-Man movie.

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