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Podcast #518-Roger Stern & Tom DeFalco Remember Steve Ditko

August 21, 2018

Writers Roger Stern and Tom DeFalco remember Spider-Man's co-creator Steve Ditko. Highlights of the interview include:

  • Their memory of the first Ditko comic they bought.
  • Thoughts on what made Ditko stand out on the news stand.
  • What made Ditko different than Kirby.
  • Favorite Spider-Man Ditko story. 
  • Their first meeting wtih Ditko.
  • Working with Ditko in the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Working with Ditko on Speedball in the 1980s.
  • Thoughts on Ditko having his work appear in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23 in 1988. 
  • Did Spider-Man make Ditko happy? 
  • What would Ditko's Mary Jane look like? 

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