Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Podcast #560 Spider-News, Far From Home thoughts, Venom and Deadpool in next movie, Anti-Christ Spidey

June 15, 2019

We tackle Spider-News in this episode. The topics include:

  • Reactions to Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailers
  • Michelle MJ Jones knowing Spider-Man is Peter Parker
  • Should Tom Hardy's Venom be in the next Spider-Film?
  • Should Ryan Reynold's Deadpool be in the next Spider-Film? 
  • Spider-Man cartoon season three will be called Maximum Venom
  • Thoughts on United Airlines in flight take off video featuring Spider-Man.
  • Marvel Editor-In-Chief says Gwen is Peter's true love.
  • Spider-Man street performer is webbing up Canadian streets
  • Street performer confronts religious group and is called Anti-Christ Spider-Man. 
  • Breakfast Cereal Spider-Man party. 

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