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Podcast #569-Absolute Carnage Reviews Patreon Exclusive

September 1, 2019

Brad, Neil and Symbiote expert Tyler take on reviewing nine issues in the Absolute Carnage mini-series. Is it worth your time and money to read the series? We'll answer that question. The episode is a patreon exclusive episode. If you would like to hear it, log onto https://www.patreon.com/crawlspace
The books we review include:

Absolute Carnage #1 & 2

Absolute Carnage: Scream #1

Web of Venom: Funeral Pyre #1

Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #1

Absolute Carnage:Lethal Protectors #1

Absolute Carnage: Separation Anxiety #1

Absolute Carnage vs Deadpool #1

Venom # 17

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