Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Podcast #674 Spider-Satellites 18 Book Review

March 28, 2021

This episode is a patreon exclusive episode. You can hear the full two hour and 45 minute episode by signing up here.
In the episode you get 18 different books reviewed.  You also get Neil baking and an amazing Jarred Leto story from Kelly. I highly recommend signing up for the sensational level so you can see the visuals of this episode. Here are the books we tackle. 

Non-Stop Spider-Man #1-Kelly 

King in Black: Spider-Man #1-Javi 

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #24-Javi

Spider-Woman #10- Kelly

Iron Man #5-7-Neil

Thunderbolts #3- Tyler

Gwenom vs. Carnage #3-Javi 

King in Black: Captain America #1-Tyler 

Carnage: Black White and Blood #1 (of 4)-Tyler 

SWORD #4- Neil 

King in Black: Scream-Tyler 

King in Black: Hulkling/Wiccan #1-Tyler 

Champions #4-5- Neil 

Savage Avengers #19- Kelly 

Morbius: Bond of Blood #1-Tyler 

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