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Podcast#550-Spider-Verse Oscar, Newspaper Strip Ends, Absolute Carnage

April 27, 2019

This episode focuses on Spider-News. The topics include: 

  • Spider-Man Newspaper Strip ending
  • Absolute Carnage Mini Series
  • New Spider-Man Far From Home Movie Posters
    New Spider-Man movie posters and Avenger End Game posters
  • Spider-Robber hits liquor store
  • Ditko News about him seeing the first Spidey movie.
  • New Spider-Man rides in Orlando
  • Rare Spider-Man lunch box hits eBay for $13,000
  • Black Cat gets an ongoing
  • Marvel flooding the market
  • Sony's big plans for Spider-Verse
  • Spider-Verse wins an Oscar
  • Cost of Superheroing

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