Spider-Man Crawlspace Podcast

Podcast#598 Spider-News, Raimi Back, Spider-Verse 2, PS5 Spider-Man Game

March 4, 2020

We take a look at the latest Spider-News. Topics include:
*Sam Raimi possibly directing Dr. Strange 2
*Kraven rumored to be the next villain in Spider-Man 3
*Animatronic Spider-Man coming to Disneyland.
*Reaction to the Morbius movie trailer
*Spider-Verse 2 gets a release date
*J.J. Abrams and son Spider-Book delayed several months
*PS5 to include Spider-Man 2 video game?
*Mom claims Spider-Man is the devil
*Spider-Man reprints in Playboy?
* Martin Scorsese on Marvel films 

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